The signboard in Taipei city always give me a sense of Vitality.To catch your eyes,they are all stylish,attractive and striking.They seems like they just want to keep jumping out and proudly dance with their own styles.I feel like they are just like the people in this city.They are unique and confident. Also, they are not afraid of revealing themselves. So why are they so unique?What defines them?What builds up their consciousness?Would it be the maxims which have been participated unexpectedly in their life? I think we are all made from the words we see and the things we learn around us. “Hardships died of happiness,” “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” “Human nature is evil.” These three maxims on my crafts are Chinese antique idioms which inspire me, and change my outlook. I combined these maxims with copper and electric wires to create my own signboard. These series of works represent me. It is what I look like when I am in the crowd.


城市裡的招牌總是充滿了生命力,每個都竭盡所能的想要往外跳,並毫無保留的展現著自己的風格,向我們訴說著他是誰,就怕你沒注意到。這個畫面對我來說就像是一群不甘平凡的青年,自信,獨特,樂於展現自我。然而為什麼這些人會這麼的獨特呢?又是什麼成就了這些人? 我相信每個人這一生中都會看見幾段影響我們人生觀的文字,也許是成語,也許只是漫畫裡的一小段對話。不管是哪種,我們的態度都會因為這句話而改變,我們會貫徹它,因為它而活出自己的特色。 “千里之行,始於足下。” “生於憂患,死於安樂。” “人性本惡。” 這些都是影響著我的格言,我將這三段句子結合在招牌的元素上創作出了這些首飾,並利用電線和水管來表現出工業感,它們,就是我在台北這繁華城市裡的模樣。





Ring (solder,patina,fabricate,hand sawed)






Earring (solder,patina,fabricate,hand sawed)





Necklace (solder,patina,fabricate,hand sawed)


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