Freedom,equality, sovereignty,human right.
Our society is like a dictator,using various slogans and declarations to manipulate us,telling us what good,bad,and beauty is. What makes a good society is the way that people seek beauty in life. This crown is not only a dictator’s toy, but also a power plant.
What I’m trying to say is, we are just like that mouse on top of the crown. Working so hard to achieve its own ambition. It seems like the mouse is fighting its own battle, but actually it’s just a single tiny part of the power plant. Most of us are dictator’s toy.

Does people really need dreams ? or it’s simply because we’ll feel panic when everyone has one but we don’t ? Do we truly know what we want ? or it’s because everyone told you that your dream is worth to achieve ? If we don’t figure out these questions, freedom may not be the same definition we know. Dreams may be the reason why we can’t find happiness.




我們口中的夢想、人生目標、慾望,究竟是發自內心的渴望 ? 還是因為其他人都想要呢 ? 我們擁有夢想,到底是因為我們真的需要 ? 還是只是另一個社會根植在我們心裡的刻板觀念,人要有夢想 ” 才 ” 偉大 ? ? 如果不正視這些問題,自由就不再真的自由,夢想也會成為我們牢籠。





材質  : 樹酯、銅、銅染黑、珍珠、電線

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